Recreational Synchro

_MG85909Does your child love swimming, dancing or gymnastics? Synchronized swimming combines all three! Give synchro a try with PWS, Greater Vancouver’s synchronized swim club and training centre with pool locations in Richmond and Vancouver.

Synchronized Swimming gives you…

  • The Agility of a Gymnast
  • The Strength and Endurance of a Speed Swimmer

PWS welcomes swimmers aged 5 to 18 and of all abilities.  On the recreational level, PWS is offering two programs, Beginner Synchro, and Intro to Competitive Synchro .

CAN Swim (Beginner) Synchro 

For children who are age 6+ who want to experience synchronized swimming for the first time. Our CAN Swim program teaches basic synchronized swimming skills, which includes a mini routine.  The classes are 90 minutes in duration where 30 minutes is for land training (flexibility and activation) and 60 minutes in the water.

The athlete to coach ratio for this program is 6:1

Running in 8-10-week intervals. October to December, January to March, March to June


Novice Synchro 

This program is designed for children who are ready for more! These aspiring athletes swim together for nine months (3 hours per week from October to May), focusing on fun, fitness and developing fundamental synchro skills. Teams will participate in the club Watershow in April. Date for the Watershow is TBA.

For the 2016/17 season we will be offering a full year program, as well as a semestered option for those only wanting to do fall or spring.

Minimum 6 per class


Interested in Trying Competitive Synchro?

Please contact us for more information or to register.