Charitable Donations Through the National Sport Trust

VPW is pleased to offer our donors charitable receipts. By donating through the National Sport Trust Fund. To donate through this organization (and get your receipt), please click here.

Why Sponsor VPW Synchronized Swim Club

Training for synchronized swimming requires an abundance of pool time and a large area of pool space in order to properly simulate a competitive arena. Some of our athletes train for up to four hours at a time in the water. In Vancouver and Richmond, pool time is both expensive, and hard to come by. The lack of affordable time in size-appropriate pools is the greatest challenge our club faces. Through the development of successful partnerships with companies or individuals like you, synchronized swimming in Richmond and Vancouver will become more affordable and available to a wider range of athletes. It will continue to give opportunities to swimmers at every level of the sport. This will allow synchro to maintain its position as Canada’s most successful amateur sport.

Synchronized swimming is a respected and recognized Olympic sport with a strong Canadian history. Its athletes’ commitment to excellence and success make it the perfect sports marketing sponsorship match for your product or service. Synchronized swimming and the VPW team will serve as an excellent channel to a target market of young, athletic women, an addition to their parents, families and friends.

VPW offers a range of sponsorship levels to appeal to a wide range of sponsors. We can also customize a Sponsorship Package to meet your needs.

To become a VPW sponsor, or for more information on any of the sponsorship levels, please contact Kara Kailin by phone at 778-772-4297 or email